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Today’s episode is a conversation I had recently with Jessie King Regunberg, author of the book SEARCHING FOR SEASHELLS: An Artist’s Guide to Treasures on the Beach 

It’s all about the enchanting world of seashells and how they have touched our lives and sparked our curiosity. 

Jessie’s book is a testament to her passion for shells, art, and history. It’s filled with 200 hand-painted illustrations, intriguing facts, and interesting stories about shells you might already have in your collection (I know you have one!) and shells you dream of finding—perhaps along a magical moonlit shore or on a sparkly beach at sunrise. 

Now, as you’re admiring all your beautiful shells - ask yourself, what one speaks to your soul? If it could talk, what stories would it tell? 

The beach says, “Like seashells, you are beautiful and unique. Each one has a story to tell - and I’m listening.!”

Poem by: E. E. Cummings (1983). “Hist Whist: And Other Poems for Children”, p.13, W. W. Norton & Company


Jessie King Regunberg is an artist and writer in Washington, DC, living with her husband and three children. She trained as a historian at the University of Pennsylvania, and her knowledge of the past informs all her work. Her projects include fiction and nonfiction, and she feels lucky to be making a career out of the things she loves most.


Searching for Seashells: An Artist's Guide to Treasures on the Beach
By Jessie King Regunberg
Available anywhere you purchase books. Be sure to support your local indie bookseller!

Follow Jessie on Instagram: @jessie.regunberg.paints