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‘’Sell like you would want to be sold to.’’

Have you ever been stuck in a room with someone who won’t stop talking about themselves? It’s all about them, right? Now, imagine a different scenario: there’s someone across the room with a warm, genuine smile who’s truly interested in you. Who would you rather talk to?

In this episode of the Pocket Ninja series, we’re exploring the power of likability in sales. Why do some sales reps have clients lined up while others can’t close a single deal? It’s simpler than you think: likability. Join me as I share how being genuinely interested in your clients, treating them like friends, and showing empathy can transform your sales game. I’ve got real-life stories, tips on how to connect authentically, and why putting the customer first is your secret sauce. Remember, it’s not about being the slickest talker—it’s about being human, caring, and building trust. 



  • 00:00: The power of likability in sales.
  • 01:00: Unlocking the secret to sales success: likability.
  • 01:50: The golden rule of sales: putting the customer first.
  • 02:40: Building trust and connection: the key to sales.
  • 05:50: The art of finding common ground in sales.
  • 07:00: Authenticity and empathy: transforming sales interactions.
  • 10:30: Empathy in sales: a game-changer for success.
  • 13:20: The essence of successful selling.


Key Topics Discussed:

  • The power of likability and empathy in sales
  • Strategies for building authentic connections with clients
  • Real-life examples of turning formal meetings into relaxed chats
  • Tips on maintaining eye contact and using body language to build trust

Tune in, discover how to change your sales approach, and watch your relationships and success soar!

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