Get ready to meet the ultimate Price Whisperer, the one and only Per Sjorfors! He's got the lowdown on how to price your products and skyrocket your revenue. Say goodbye to boring old pricing strategies that just don't work, and hello to the pricing secrets that win every time!

In this episode all about the Power of Pricing, Per spills the beans on:

1. The biggest pricing mistakes to avoid (trust us, you don't want to make these!).

2. How raising your prices can actually make your customers happier.

3. The magic of price anchoring, and how setting a higher price can actually be a huge boon for your brand.

4. Why having a "High-Ticket offer" is a must-have.

5. The one thing that should always be in the top left corner of your offer.

6. The "Convenience Factor" that should make you want to raise your prices even more.

7. What you should consider when it comes to pricing decisions!

And that's not all! As a bonus, Per and Kathy chat about how to structure deals so that everyone wins, and why being the highest-price leader actually makes it easier to sell.


If you're struggling with revenues and pricing, this episode is a must-watch. Seriously, if you apply what you learn here, it will have a huge impact on your business. So tune in, take notes, and get ready to up your pricing game!

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