Welcome back to Part 2 of my conversation with Barbara Vercruysse on #TheProfessionalRuleBreaker podcast. In this episode, Barbara dives deeper into her transformative journey from shadows to light. She shares profound insights and shows us that happiness is not a distant dream but a present reality awaiting our embrace. 


Here's what to expect in this powerful episode:

  • Kindness as a Strength: Barbara discusses how true kindness, particularly in difficult situations, signifies maturity and power rather than weakness.

  • Deserving Happiness: A powerful reminder from Barbara that no one is born unworthy and undeserving of happiness, love, and inherent worth.

  • Making Kind Choices for the Future: Barbara encourages readers to make life choices based on kindness, advocating for collaboration over competition, reverence for life over domination, nurturing instead of exhaustion, and humility over arrogance.

  • Impactful Living: Barbara inspires listeners to leave a positive legacy on the world.

Join us in this inspiring episode as Barbara Vercruysse guides us through the simple secret to happiness, showing that it's within reach, just waiting for us to grasp it.


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