This episode of the Revenue Harvest Podcast features your host, Nigel Green. He discusses the top 3 biggest mistakes that sales leaders make when hiring salespeople. A mistake in hiring produces not only lackluster results for the company but also drains resources that could eventually cost you your job. Nigel introduces his 6-step process for hiring that he is excited to share with sales leaders today!



04:32 Mistake number 1: Hiring without doing a job analysis: "You go post it and you immediately start interviewing candidates. Well, the problem with that is you don't really know at this point what you need. And so, most sales leaders get this wrong because they jump to interviewing without doing a job analysis."

05:49 Mistake number 2: Interviewing based on intuition and a lack of process: "You need a defined set of steps in the interview process. You ever heard a candidate say to you, well, mister hiring manager, what's the next step? And if you can't clearly articulate not only the next step but the rest of the steps to the candidate, you run the risk of one, not running a very good process, but two, losing a candidate because it doesn't appear to the candidate as if you know what you're looking for." 

09:13 Mistake number 3: Hiring based on biases: "Because you played a college sport, just a college sport, doesn't mean that you're going to be more successful in selling, or less successful in selling." 


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