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Did you know it takes 6 to 8 touches on average to generate a quality lead? In this Pocket Ninja episode of The Professional Rule Breaker Podcast, we dive into the GNC formula—a powerful approach I've developed to transform your sales process. Whether you're cycling through it daily or several times a week, this approach is set to make a significant impact. Join us as we explore how to identify and understand your target audience, creatively generate leads, nurture them with precision, and effectively convert them into loyal customers. This isn't just about making sales—it's about creating lasting relationships and building a thriving business.



  • 00:00: Introduction to the GNC formula for business transformation
  • 00:54: Generating leads: the first step to success
  • 01:54: Understanding your target audience
  • 02:48: Expanding your reach: leveraging multiple channels
  • 06:03: Nurturing leads: building relationships for business growth
  • 09:46: Converting leads: the art of closing sales
  • 12:02: Implementing the GNC formula for success


Key Topics Discussed:

  • Techniques and strategies to consistently reach and engage potential clients
  • Importance of building trust and maintaining relationships with your leads
  • Effective methods to turn interested leads into successful sales
  • How to maintain a robust pipeline and ensure a steady flow of potential sales
  • Strategies to keep clients engaged and committed to your brand over time


Are you ready to transform your approach to sales and lead management? Dive deeper into each segment of the GNC formula and watch your business grow! Tune in now!


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