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"If you're feeling stuck, seek guidance. If it doesn't click, keep searching. Remember, make the most of your time NOW, not later."

I'm excited to share my latest chat with the king of side hustles, Kristian Hoenicke. Kristian is not just any entrepreneur; he's a visionary who transformed a small idea into a booming multi-million dollar business. In our conversation, Kristian opened up about his rollercoaster journey, from facing failure to embracing massive success. He's a true testament to the power of resilience and the magic of believing in yourself. Join us as we explore the vital lessons Kristian learned about valuing time, simplifying life, and the sheer brilliance of not asking for permission. Discover how mentorship, strategic time management, and a little rule-breaking can pave your path to success. So, if you're curious about turning your passion into profit or just need a motivational boost, tune in, and let's get inspired together!



  • 00:00: Introduction to Kristian Hoenicke's success journey.
  • 02:30: Kristian shares insights on the clarity he gained after years of entrepreneurship.
  • 05:00: Learn how Kristian values flexibility and despises asking for permission.
  • 06:00: Kristian advises valuing time and seeking mentorship to find fulfilling work.
  • 19:00: Get a glimpse into Kristian's side hustle in customer acquisition for a family-owned consumer goods manufacturer.
  • 20:00: Kristian discusses the importance of breaking conventional rules to create meaningful change and build a life aligned with personal values.
  • 23:00: Explore the significance of identifying what you value in life and how it can guide your professional choices and personal fulfillment.


Key Topics Discussed:

  • Kristian's transformation from multiple career paths to a successful side hustle
  • The significance of simplicity in life and business, alongside the entrepreneurial spirit of initiating action without seeking permission
  • The impact of mentorship and guidance for personal and professional growth
  • The importance of embracing rule-breaking, leveraging unique abilities to create a ripple effect to make a meaningful difference


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