What makes kindness necessary in business leadership? Being kind is typically interpreted as being nice when these two differ from each other. Kindness is love-based, while niceness is more fear-based. Being nice is a taught behavior, while kindness is nature to a kind person. Picture, then, the impact of a leader who is kind.


Today we are joined by a very special guest, Barbara Vercruysse. She is a global kindness advocate, business coach, speaker, and published author. Barbara will be sharing her expertise in compassionate leadership and kindness.


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Here are some of the profound thoughts we talk about in this episode:

  • Why know the distinction between kindness and niceness
  • How to start your day and build your daily habits
  • How to "unstuck" from those sticky moments in your journey and bounce back stronger than ever


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You can visit Barbara's website at: https://www.barbaravercruysse.com/


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