Is your home always messy? Things are out of order and you feel like a mess all the time?  I know for me, when my home is messy, I definitely notice that it affects me negatively mentally and emotionally. 
In this episode you will learn:

  • First 3 steps to creating peace and order in your home
  • What should you do when you feel too overwhelmed to start?
  • How to get yourself motivated when you have no motivation to declutter

In this podcast you will learn the first steps in creating order in your home to create more peace and calm in your physical environment. Want it or not, but your home affects you in more ways than you think. 
About the guest: Lisa is a wife to her high school sweetheart, mom of three and a home organizer whose mission is to help families downsize the clutter in their homes and help them create systems and habits for easy home management. When she lost both of her parents within the same year, she was faced with the tasks of cleaning out their home. This experience lead her to a minimalist lifestyle and becoming a home organizer to help other families create a simple home as well.
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