Are you a pregnant mom who wants to have a smoother transition postpartum? Are you anxious because of your previous challenges with postpartum? Sarah, a postpartum doula will give helpful guidance today. 

In this episode you will learn: 

  • What is a postpartum doula? Should you have one?
  • Why do moms lack support postpartum? 
  • In what area do moms need most support after they have a baby? 
  • How can moms prepare to create a smooth transition to postpartum?
  • Getting over the resistance of asking for help
  • How to handle negative thoughts about your new body postpartum

You will walk away with helpful nuggets that will encourage you and uplift you, helping you feel more empowered in the coming season with a brand new baby.

About Sarah:

Sarah is a mom of two, wife, mechanical engineer, podcast host, doula, and is on a mission to redefine the postpartum period. After her daughter’s birth in 2019, she quickly realized the lack of support and lack of talk surrounding postpartum.

Since then she has become certified in postpartum nutrition and as a VBAC doula. She combines her engineering mind with the skills she has gained since becoming a mom herself to empower other mothers to heal their bodies in the postpartum period so that they can become the mothers they wish to be.

Connect with Sarah:

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