Hey mama! Does everyone yell in your home? Is yelling a new normal? Do you yell at your kids to stop yelling at you while you are yelling at them?  If so, this episode is exactly for you!

In this episode you will learn:

  • Reasons why you are yelling (it's not b/c your kids are not listening)
  • What you can do proactively and in the heat of the moment to reduce yelling
  • How to change your old yelling patterns into new positive ways of responding

Yelling is a very hard pattern to break because its so automatic. I want to show you that there is hope for positive change. With Gods help and your own action steps, it is possible to make positive generational changes.
So, whether you're a mom who struggles with yelling or want to learn more about effective communication in your family, this episode is for you.


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