If you find youself hating your body, especially after having kids...this episode is for you. What does the Bible say about loving our bodies? What lies are you believing about yourself? 
In this episode you will learn:

  • Lies you are believing about your body
  • How to replace those lies with truths
  • How your relationship with Christ affects the way you view your body
  • A word of encouragement to the mama who is discusted and hates her body

This podcast episode will bring some lightness into your heavy heart. The way you think and feel about yourself really does affect your emotional and mental state. Tune in into this podcast to learn the lies you need to replace with truths. 
Megan Dahlman is a certified strength & conditioning trainer and nutrition coach who’s passionate about helping moms love and thrive in their God-given bodies. Through her top rated podcast Self Care Simplified and online training programs and courses, she is committed to coaching women along a grace-filled journey so they can achieve lasting strength and health through simple steps.
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