Filled with regret for your past mistakes as a mom? Feel like it's too late to redeem what is lost? If past mistakes are holding you back and keep you stuck in shame and guilt: this episode is for you. 
In this episode you will learn:

  • Two types of regrets moms experience
  • How to shift your mindset when you are beating yourself up for past mistakes 
  • What is opposite of regret and how to shift focus on Jesus
  • Hope for mamas who feel like they failed at being the mom God called them to be and it's too late to change things

Shelly is a writer and the hosts The UN-Perfect Podcast. She is a wife of 29 years, a mom to 4. Shelly loves sharing crazy stories from her life combined with truth from God's Word to women who need to hear that life this side of heaven was never meant to be perfect.

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