Anger is a secondary emotions. Fear is one of common emotions underneath anger. Fear of what others will think of you as a mom. Fear that others think you are a bad mom for having your kids do xyz...
In this episode you will learn:

  • How to recognize if fear is contributing to your angry reactions
  • 4 steps to take to let go of the fear and respond positively
  • How to truly KNOW and BELIEVE you are good mom and NOT care about what others think of you. 

Dear mama. If you struggle feeling angry often, reacting in poor ways that are hurting your children and your relationships: I can help you. BOOK A CALL and we can have a conversation about how you can become a Calm and Stable mama in your home. If you are sick and tired of feeling like a failure because of your anger and you are ready to make changes in your life, this is for YOU.

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Next Steps:
1. Watch FREE TRAINING: 5 Steps to Break free from Mom Rage Shame
2. Learn about Calm Christian Mom Coaching Program
3. Book a Call if you are want support in overcoming damaging anger patterns.

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