How do you feel internally when you put on a nice outfit for the day? Much better, right?

You have to dress yourselves every morning so wearing something that makes you feel good  will impact your mental and emotional health a ton!

Its seems like such a vain thing, but have you ever payed attention to how you feel internally and how you show up for the day when you dress frumpy?

Your kids watch everything you do from what you say, how you handle your emotions and how you take care of yourself.

This episode, I have  special guest, Jammie. She is a mom stylist and she walks us through the importance of getting dressed for the day, buying clothes that fit you well and make you feel amazing as well as tips for feeling put together. You will LOVE her.

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Instagram:  @jammiebaker_


Pinterest: @jammiebakermomstylist

Jammies Free Body Shape Guide: 

Free Body Shape Guide

The Momiform™ Method, is a personal style course for moms. We break down your style roadblocks, determine your signature style, learn how to dress for your lifestyle, do a closet edit, and put together your ideal outfit formulas to curate your Momiform™ so that you have a personal style roadmap to getting dressed every day.

The Momiform™ Style Society is a membership where a community of real moms come together to dive deeper and live mom life, in style. This is more of a continuing education after the course. You get a seasonal style guide, a video collection of style tips and solutions for all the #momlife things that come up, monthly masterclasses and workshops with guest speakers, as well as a group live Q&A with me, your personal stylist!

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