Have you ever felt guilty for yelling at your kids? Specifically that you were sinning? 

If you grew up in a conservative background like me, you probably heard that we are all sinners and we sin all the time. Which is true, though I believe there is a big difference between a mom reacting because she is sleep deprived and choosing sinful actions because you are feeling resentful or angry. 

In todays episode, I go on a tangent explaining my perspective when it comes to unmet physical and emotional needs and how that will show up in your negative behavior. Also the difference between intentional sinful choices vs automatic reactions when your needs are unmet. 

I know we all make mistakes, me included. There is grace for mistakes and forgiveness. We all have times we say and do hurtful things. The goal is to own that, apologize and decide what you will do differently next time to avoid the same circumstance.  

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