Stay at home mom or full time working mom. Both have its hard sides.

In this episode I had a guest. Her name is Juliana. Juliana is a serial entrepreneur and owner of a podcast production agency that focuses on marketing, SEO, copywriting and monetization.
She’s passionate about helping female entrepreneurs get their world changing message out into the world so we can make this planet a better place for our children.
She lives in sunny Florida with her husband and is a homeschooling mom to her two kids, age 4 and 6.

In this Episode we covered:
-Daily practices to include to reduce the mental stress
-Asking for help to avoid burnout and breakdowns
-Simplifying daily tasks to make home life easier as a working mom

How to connect with Juliana:
Juliana is a Christian Marketing/Podcasting coach for women.

Podcast: Organic Marketing Simplified


Email: [email protected]

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