Tiffani experienced childhood trauma and abuse and once she became a mom, she started to notice how that affected her motherhood, her physical and mental health.

In this episode Tiffani shares:

-Toxic childhood environment with physical, mental and emotional abuse
-How that impacted her mentally and emotionally in motherhood
-Her healing journey to work on her mental, physical and spiritual health.
-Specific things she did on her healing journey to release and process her emotions.

Tiffani Patlán is a Health & Wellness Coach, Bestselling author of the teaching memoir: "Unlocking Your Ability to Heal," a Motivational Speaker, Host of the Tiffani Talks Podcast Show, Founder of Cosmic Sweets, Herbal Potions and Tiffani Patlán Health & Wellness where she uses her experience of overcoming a life of abuse to help other women discover their unique path to healing and happiness. Tiffani is a Christian and believes the importance of healing physically, mentally, emotionally AND spiritually.

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