Does your house clutter overwhelm you?

Studies have shown us that our stress hormone rises when we see clutter and mess. We naturally get overwhelmed because we see all the things that we still 'need to do'.

In todays episode I had the honor of interviewing Abby and she loves teaching mamas how to live an abundant motherhood starting with decluttering their home.

Abby Haggard is a motherhood coach, course creator, and the host of “The Fullness Show" Podcast which empowers mothers to step out of overwhelm and into overflow in all areas of their lives.

As wife to Chris Haggard and mother of 5 little ones, her dream is to raise her kiddos from a place of fullness and abundance and watch the overflow take place. Abby’s mission is to see mothers, fathers and families set free from the unhealthy cultural pressures that steal from the promise of the abundant life Jesus died to give them. The Haggards believe parenthood and childhood are too precious of a time to spend just surviving. We are called to thrive!

In this episode you will learn:
-What clutter does to us mentally and emotionally
-Creating a safe haven in your home
-Where to start when you are so overwhelmed by your home
-Questions to ask yourself when decluttering
-What if I will need it again some day? Facing scarcity mindset

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