If you've been thinking about joining Calm Christian Mom Coaching Program but hesitating....
I'm here to answer some of your questions:

  • Why is the cost so high?
  • Do I really need this support? I can do this on my own…
  • Do you have a guarantee for success?
  • What if this doesn’t work for me? I’m scared to commit.
  • Can I really stay committed for 12 weeks? I don’t have the time…

Join Calm Christian Mom Program by BOOKING A CONSULTATION CALL

Bonuses expire May 25th, 2024

*4 additional weeks of coaching for FREE ($550 value)

*Stress relief package in the mail ($100 value)

*1:1  follow up calls 3 and 6 months post program ($250 value)

*Mommy Mindset course by Tessa Romero ($250 value) 

Next Steps:
1. Watch FREE TRAINING: 5 Steps to Break free from Mom Rage Shame
2. Learn about Calm Christian Mom Coaching Program
3. Book a Call if you are want support in overcoming damaging anger patterns.

How to 10x your Emotional Capacity Levels as a Mom
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