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Self-awareness and connectedness with self is key for creating sustainable self-care practices, but what if you've been turning down your intuitive voice for so long that you cannot hear it?

What if when you do connect with your inner feelings, you feel re-traumatized or depressed, or even scared?

Today's guest, Angela Turke, LMHC, CRC joins us again on the podcast to talk about why therapy might be an appropriate self-care choice for some overwhelmed caregivers.

*please note: I am not a therapist, just a person sharing my personal and life-long journey as a caregiver, self-care coach and advocate for caregivers, especially those in recovery. I share my experience and insights in hopes they will inspire other caregivers to give themselves the same compassionate care they give their loved ones. While Angela Turk is a liscenced mental health counselor, our discusssion is not meant to be a replacement for therapy.

If you or someone you know is struggling or in crisis, help is available.

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