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Caregivers often struggle with finding time to create a consistent workout routine. We know we need physical exercise, but trying to find the time to do it when everyone else needs our time and attention can be exhausting.

We feel guilty for not working out, but we feel guilty for spending time on ourselves when we do.

But what if we thought of working out or exercise as MOVEMENT?

What if that movement was about making us feel GOOD, not GUILTY?

Our guest today, Jamie Carbaugh is a Virtual Personal Trainer Group Fitness Instructor and founder of FitRaggamuffin. Her non-diet movement channel teaches her clients joyful movement for reasons beyond the scale. 

In this episode we talk about the REAL benefits of moving your body and how you can incorporate joyful movement into your busy caregiving schedule without the guilt!

To check out 5-minute movements with Jamie, head to her channel: FitRagamuffin

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