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Today on the podcast, we’ll be hearing from a member of The Self-Caregiver Community, Jodie Pearson who’ll share with us about her unique caregiving experience and her journey of self-care through it all. Jodie’s career, spanning over 45 years, was approached with a foundation of service to others. No matter the position held, and even into retirement, Jodie’s passion was and is to bring knowledge, experience, and tons of encouragement to others. She often describes herself using terms like

·   A great pep-talker!

·   Self-reinventor

·   Self-mindset creator and challenger


Jodie’s first experience with personal caregiving was at 25 when she took care of her father after having a leg amputated. She has since survived the loss of her mother and father, all of her four older siblings within an 18-month period and the suicide of her former husband. She currently supports her husband who lives with rapidly increasing limitation of motion and the constant pain that comes with Rheumatoid Arthritis.


As a family caregiver, Jodie has felt both on top of the world as well as defeated and depleted. It is through these ups and downs that she has created self-care tactics that she refers to as “reinventing” herself by challenging herself to think differently as needed.

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