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While we are on a self-care break and transitioning to the new format of the podcast, we're excited to share some of our favorite interviews with self-care experts!

In today's episode you'll learn how ICF accredited life coach, Monselete Bowden
empowers people to unlock their creative potential and realize their life aspirations. If you are a caregiver feeling STUCK, this interview will show you the power you already have to gain clarity for your caregiving and your life!

To learn more about Monselete, check out her website.
Get your own ELEVATE YOUR MOOD Guide from Monselete here.

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At The Self-Caregiver LLC we guide women caring for their aging parents overcome burnout and release guilt to create more freedom and fulfillment in their life.

We believe you cannot give more of yourself until you heal the wounds, replenish your being and reconnect to the fullness of who you are, embracing the purpose you‘ve been called to live.