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Unmasking EFT Tapping - An Emotional Stress Buster for Caregivers

Dive into the world of EFT tapping with our host Jeanette Yates and certified EFT professional, Denise Kleinman, in this insightful episode of 'From Guilt to Good: Self-Care Solutions for Busy Caregivers.' 

Discover how 'emotional acupuncture,' as EFT is often dubbed, can radically aid self-care practices, particularly for caregivers. Listen as Denise illustrates her personal journey with EFT, its healing potential, and its ease of integration into daily routines. 

Covering practical tips, expert insights, and heartfelt stories, this episode demystifies EFT as an effective, holistic means of self-care. A must-listen for caregivers seeking alternative self-care methods!

View the video of the EFT Tapping demonstration with Denise and Jeanette

The Fatigue Antidote, from Denise!

Learn more about Denise's work: TapIntuition

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